• SOG makes Water Flow more wonderful

          Shanghai SOG Pump Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as SOG) was founded in 2005. It’s dedicated to manufacture high-quality pumps and engaged in  providing “high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental-friendly” pumps. It is the Innovative leading en...
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  • WQGS sewage pump malfunction analysis and elimination

      Installation, operation and maintenance tips   ●It is forbidden to pull cables with force in the installation and removal of electric pump to aovid wires breaking and joint delinking which lead to normal operation failure and even burns; ●Please ensure correct and reliable cable eart...
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  • SOG makes flow more powerful

    Life is born of water, the flow bring water more powerful. The condensation of human wisdom creats the pump. like a heart, giving the world nourishment, and endless life. SOG Specializing in pumps, is committed to quality and service. SOG Established in 2005, It is a subsidiary of Shanghai Rab...
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  • Installation note for vertical inline pump?

            Installation note for vertical inline pump? 1 Do not let the pump subjected to the-pipeline weight in erection, or it may be easy to be made damaged. 2 Both pump and motor are integrally structured and calibrated by the manufacture, so there is no need to adjust them,...
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  • horizontal chemical process pump characteristics

        General Description   CZ series chemical process pump are horizontal, single stage, end suction type centrifugal pumps,It was designed according to international standard ISO2858 ,size and performance meet ASME B73.1.ISO 05199. series. Can-transferring  liquids like low or hig...
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  • If Pump Failure, What’s is the Cause Reason and Solution.

      The Pump failure, cause reason and solution. 1. The pump can’t suction water and Pressure gauge is pumping ceaselessly. Reason: 1) Water filling isn’t enough  2) Air trapping in pump chamber,  then pipe are leaking. Solution: 1) Fill the water sufficiently  2)Check pipeline and eliminate a...
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  • lintlha ho hlongoa bakeng sa celik multistage centrifugal pompo

    lintlha ho hlongoa bakeng sa celik multistage centrifugal pompo

    The tlhomamiso Notes bakeng Stainless Steel Multistage Centrifugal di-pump: 1. Ho tloha celik multistage centrifugal pompo tlhomamiso theknoloji, ho fire phala hloka boemo bo thata-thata tiiso, a ke ke ba le phala lesoba kapa dutla, ho seng joalo e tla timetsa tekanyo lephaka ka kea metsi ...
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  • ke eng centrifugal pompo teko tsela?

    ke eng centrifugal pompo teko tsela?

    Hangata, The Centrifugal di-pump Test Kenyelletsa Type Test le Factory Test: The centrifugal pompo teko ─ mofuta liteko Type teko e kenyeletsa: mathang teko, teko tshebetso le captivation teko le lerata thothometsa teko, joalo-joalo A: The teko kokimaka Ha mathang teko, ba lokela ho hlahloba ho hlaha mocheso oa pompo ...
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  • Centrifugal pompo tokiso e arotsoe sa mathomo le se mahareng, 'me le dikahare itseng tla kenyelelitsoe?

    Centrifugal pompo tokiso e arotsoe sa mathomo le se mahareng, 'me le dikahare itseng tla kenyelelitsoe? Centrifugal pompo boemo ba 1 tokiso dikahare tjena: 1) hlahloba ho etsa bonnete ba hore paka ha le lekhutšoanyane, tšoelesa unbiased, ha ho na qhoaele le flap ke bartolomeo molaleng; 2) hlahloba hore na ho na le ke ...
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  • Temoso! Lipompo na le boemo bo latelang lokela hang-hang thibela!

    "Ha u ka fumana e 'ngoe ea lintlha tse latelang lokela emisa pompo" (1) pompo The fuoa metsi a dutla; (2) Ha dilenaneo ea pompo smokes kapa catches mollo; (3) di-pump na sa tloaelehang utloahalla; (4) Ha e reheletsoeng ka mocheso phahama-up kapele haholo kapa smokes; (5) Ha pompo e na le matla a thothometsa sebaka;
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