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Shanghai SOG Pump Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as SOG) was founded in 2005. It’s dedicated to manufacture high-quality pumps and engaged in  providing “high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental-friendly” pumps. It is the Innovative leading enterprises in china at fields of stainless steel centrifugal multistage pump and pump assembly equipment manufacturing.IMG_0923
SOG’s leading product include stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump, Frequency conversion constant pressure、non negative pressure 、dual mode water supply equipment ,intelligent purification water supply equipment, integrated prefabricated tank pump station,grease trap equipment, sewage lifting equipment,host computer monitoring system and industrial application such as chemical process pumps ,magnetic pumps ,pump system and control system and etc. All prerformance are in the leading domestic level,the products are widely used in residential、 commercial 、 industrial water transport、 industrial fluid processing、environmental protection、 wate and sewage water treatment and other industrial fields.pump roomSOG is highly ambitious, build a respected enterprise is our vision, it’s advocated  continuously creating value for customers, SOG members,and all partners, to achieve a win-win future and build a sustainable value chain for company. SOG is committed to the fields of fluid transportation and determined to become “China worthy-trust pump solution specialist” and do development contribution for china pump industry !IMG_0821IMG_1701

Post time: May-22-2019
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