horizontal chemical process pump characteristics




General Description


CZ series chemical process pump are horizontal, single stage, end suction type centrifugal pumps,It was designed according to international standard ISO2858 ,size and performance meet ASME B73.1.ISO 05199. series.

Can-transferring  liquids like low or high temperature, neutral or corrosive, clean or with solid, toxic and inflammable etc. The Specific from 150 to 400 and over is only the model of CZ pumps which the efficiency and NPSH is higher than IH pump ,its Characteristics and NPSH cover the IH series and exceeded IH pump, so can exchange with IH series.




Transfer low or high temperature liquid;neutral or corrosive liquids;clean or solid grains contained liquids

1)Petrochemical industrial, coal processing industry, cryogenic engineering

2)Chemical industrial,Fiber, paper and  pulp industry

3)Food,chemical fertilizer and Suger industry

4)Water supply plant and Seawater desalination plant

5)Heating and air conditioning systems

6)Auxiliary system of power station

7) Environment protection engineer and car industry


  1. Working Parameter:In&outlet: DN32-300
    Flow rate: 5-2400 m3 / h
    Head : 14-300 m
    The liquid temperature is 260℃
    Work pressure: 2.5.0 MPa


Hydraulic design:Axial force is balanced by auxiliary blades and balancing holes ,pump body of some specifications is designed as a double volute in order to balance the radial force.

Shaft seal design: standard mechanical seal have 3 kinds: packing seal, Single face mechanical seal, double End mechanical seal,and many kinds of seal system.


Structure design:Full pull-out rear door design ensures that bearing suspension components, including shaft, impeller and seal, can be disassembled as a whole without dismantling the pump body and motor.

Flange design: inlet and outlet flange pressure is same, meet standard of GB9113.1-2000  PN2.5Mpa . if client need other standard, flange cover and connect bolt and center can meet requirement but flange outer diameter and thickness must  meet international standard.


Standard material: standard material include 4 kinds, API material S-S ( cast iron), A-7 (304SS), A-8-1 (316SS), A-8-2 (316SS)

Pump shaft steel design:

Choose the heavy cylindrical roller and double angular contact ball bearing, not only can bear a large radial load and axial load, enlarge the rigidity of the pump shaft, at the same time impeller dynamic balance test and correction, pump running vibration is small, low noise, is very beneficial to the service life of shaft seal and bearing.

Bearing box design:

using large capacity oil storage tank and constant oil level gauge and magnetic safety air permeability plug to ensure bearing lubrication and cooling effect .The lip type oil resistant rubber seal with skeleton on both sides of the bearing box can keep the lubrication oil in the bearing box clean.

Auxiliary system :

Auxiliary system of CZ standard chemical process pump ‘s mechanical seal should meet requirement of AP1610 appendix D.


 The Flow passage components of CZ standard chemical process pump include  pump body, pump cover and impeller. It’s contact with transfer medium directly will corroded by the medium and bears the pressure and heat load from the medium, so the material of this parts is important .according to different medium and installation condition to choose proper material is the key point.

Before ordering pls provide request material or detail character of transfer medium.


pressure and temperature sheet


Pump can operate safety only the MAX. Working pressure Pd lower than pump allowable pressure (Pd).



  1. CZ Type pump inlet&outlet flange meet standard of GB9113.1. PN2.5 MPa (25bar). German DN2543 ,2545 Flange standard is in common use with GB9113.1.
  2. If Inlet &outlet flange need to meet standard of ANSI (USA System), that is flange bolt center line and bolt dimension should meet standard of ANSI or HG20615 PN2.0 MPa( class), other dimension still according to GB9113.1 standard.
  3. Installation base of the reserved depth of anchor bolt hole H1 is equal to length of anchor bolt L+50mm 

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