If Pump Failure, What’s is the Cause Reason and Solution.


The Pump failure, cause reason and solution.

1. The pump can’t suction water and Pressure gauge is pumping ceaselessly.

Reason: 1) Water filling isn’t enough  2) Air trapping in pump chamber,  then pipe are leaking.
Solution: 1) Fill the water sufficiently  2)Check pipeline and eliminate air leakage.

2. The vacuum gauge indicates a high value, but pump still cannot suction water.

Cause: The bottom valve is closed or severely blocked. Inlet pipe has a large resistance and the suction height is too high.

Solution: Check bottom valve, remove the blockage, try to make the suction pipe as simple as possible, and reduce the pump head.

3. The outlet pressure gauge indicates not zero, but pump has little or no water.

Reason: The outlet pipe has large resistance,wrong rotation direction of motor, impeller is blocked or motor rotation speed is not enough.

Solution: Reduce the pipe resistance, check the motor rotation direction remove the blockage, and increase motor speed.

4.Pump flow rate is lower than designed value.

Cause: The impeller is clogged, gap of mechanical seal ring is worn too much, Motor rotation speed is not enough.
Solution: Remove the blockage, replace the seal ring, and increase the speed to Specified value .

5.Pump power consumption is too high.

Cause: The packing seal is too tight cause packing chamber too hot, impeller is worn, the pump capacity is too large, exceed the rated value .
Solution: Loosen the packing gland, replace the impeller, turn down gate valve, reduce the flow rate.

6. Abnormal sound in the pump and the pump no flow water.

Reason: The resistance of the inlet pipe is too large, Pump head is too high, have air enter into the inlet pipe or circulating liquid temperature is too high.
Solution: Check the inlet pipe without blockage ,clean the bottom valve, lower the liquid temperature and water suction height

7.Pump vibration

Cause: The pump shaft is not concentric with motor shaft, impeller is unbalanced,Bearing clearance is too large.
Solution: Adjust the pump and motor to align the axis. Do impeller balance test. If unbalanced weight reach 3 grams, should change new bearing.
8. Bearing heating

Reason: Bearing oil shortage or high oil viscosity affect lubrication, bearing wear clearance is too large, pump and motor are decentraction.
Solution: Refuel, change the high quality or low viscosity lubricant, replace the bearing, adjust the pump and motor.

9. Large noise

Cause: The pump and motor was installed decentraction.and the pump or motor bearings are worn and run out then cause vibration.
Solution: Adjust pump and motor to ensure concentric and replace the new bearing.

Post time: Oct-16-2018
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