Installation note for vertical inline pump?






Installation note for vertical inline pump?

1 Do not let the pump subjected to the-pipeline weight in erection, or it may be easy to be made damaged.

2 Both pump and motor are integrally structured and calibrated by the manufacture, so there is no need to adjust them, leaving any convenient erection.

3. Tighten the foot bolts in erection and periodically check the pump to prevent it from being loose and its performance from being

affected by the vibration when staring of it.

4 Prior to erection, carefully check if there is any hard matters such as stones. iron sand etc, inside of the flow path of the pump

which may affect its running to prevent its flowing parts from being damaged during its running.

5 For an easy service and safe use, mount an adjusting valve on both inlet and outlet pipelines and a piezometer near the inlet, for

the pump with a hight head, also mount acheck valve before the gate valve on the outlet to meet with the power loss accidents like a

abrupt power-off etc, so as to make sure  of the pump to run in the best working conditions to extend its duration.

6 A foot valve should be mounted In case of the pump to be used in the occasion with a suction stroke and there should not be te

many elbows with the inlet pipe and any water and air leaks to avoid the its performance of suckoin being affected.

7 A filter should be mounted before the pump inlet so as not to let any foreign matters in to the pump.

8 Before mounting the pipeline, move the pump S rotor and there should be no friction sound or block-up. otherwise the pump has to be removed to check and find the causes start and stop of the pump.

Post time: Feb-27-2019
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