SOG makes flow more powerful


Life is born of water,

the flow bring water more powerful.

The condensation of human wisdom creats the pump.

like a heart,

giving the world nourishment,

and endless life.

SOG Specializing in pumps,

is committed to quality and service.

SOG Established in 2005,

It is a subsidiary of Shanghai Rabon Machinery Group

to establish a foothold in the Yangtze River Delta.

Since the first sales of pumps,

we have adhered to the principle of “being honest,

living with integrity,

and never selling the future for short-term benefits”.  

operating with heart.

The business covers building, municipal engineering, industrial energy and many other fields.

It has provided pumps and services to large real estate enterprise such as Wanda, Biguiyuan, Greenland, Ever Grande group and China Grain and COFCO,

has won praises from customers in many industrial fields such as Datang International and Jinshan Petrochemical.

It has become a successful bidder for large-scale water supply and drainage projects in many cities.

 With the continuous renewal of urban development concepts and increasing energy demand,

SOG professionals actively make transform and upgrade,

Implementing the concept of green and green development;

and extend the business to the upstream and downstream of the industry,

adding services such as sponge city construction and environmental education consulting.

Established a number of subsidiaries such as Dinggao Environment, Neofu Machinery, and additional Partners.

Tracing SOG’s 14 years development, high quality, high efficiency, cost-effective products, excellent service system, and reliable company operation mode

 have attracted many agents and Cooperative parteners,

to jointly build a symbiotic win-win value platform.

Building an extraordinary career for the people of SOG.

 The competition in this new age

is no longer just a simple product competition,

but more a competition for talent.

Create a strong professional, high-quality, reliable service team,

and lead the growing coopertion!

 New ideas come from practice!

Looking forward to the future, SOG takes the mission of “creating value for customers and realizing employee happiness”

and takes “the achievement of respected enterprise” as the vision to build a comprehensive service platform for water industry solutions.

Under the new era of sharing our vision of the future ,

we will integrate new resources, new technologies, and empower our partners to make forceful efforts for the maintenance,

improvement and utilization of the human environment and water resources,

and pump the quality services from SOG to the world!


Post time: Mar-19-2019
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